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Routie is focused on developing software and hardware solutions to scale internet access worldwide. The mission is to help people monetize the internet they already pay for and connect the world.

Software | Wifi Sharing

The long-awaited utility for PKT is here! It has been a busy month with the successful launch of the Mini and the introduction of the Edge Extender antenna. Both the Mini and Edge Extender were demo’d at SXSW, with significant interest from businesses who are already sharing internet with customers, or are looking for an easy wifi sharing solution for their business.

Unlike many business mesh wifi systems, the Mini is designed for ease of use and requires no IT expertise for installation. The Mini’s plug-and-play design is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. Simply plug the device into an internet router and it will provide wifi access within an area of up to 1,000 square feet. Each Mini comes with one free Edge Extender, which extends wifi sharing up to 10,000 sq.ft. Five Edge Extenders can be to each Mini providing coverage of up to 50,000 sq.ft. This range of coverage is ideal for businesses that need to provide wifi access across multiple rooms or a large premises.

The Mini offers a user-friendly captive portal which eliminates the need for customers to ask for a wifi password. Each business will be able to customize their network name, customize the captive portal design, and choose what data they want to derive from customers. The captive portal captures user emails and businesses can choose to request other valuable insights such as birthday, zip code, and social follows. These data points help businesses power their marketing and segment their customers.

The Mini includes a staff network that is password protected. This is valuable for businesses that have a point of sale (POS) system and need to prioritize the business computers over customer access.

The Mini handles payment processing for wifi. This system enables businesses to offer free basic wifi service, with the choice to charge for Streaming-Fast speed. When a person pays for Streaming-Fast internet, the business gets paid. Businesses can also choose to offer Streaming-Fast service for free, so their customers don’t have the ability to pay.

The Mini offers security and privacy features using VPN. This protects both the business and customers by encrypting all web traffic while ensuring easy and secure internet access. The Mini uses AnodeVPN. When customers pay for internet access a % of the revenue goes to the VPN provider depending on the subscription plan the business is paying for. For example, if the business pays $499 for the Mini, then 80% of the wifi sharing revenue goes to the business and 20% is split 60/40 between the payment platform (12%) and VPN (8%). If the business pays $299 for the Mini then 50% of the wifi sharing revenue goes to the business and 50% is split 60/40 between the payment platform (30%) and VPN (20%).

Each Mini comes preloaded with PkteerOS. PkteerOS is Routie’s operating system designed to help businesses maximize the potential of Mini thereby elevating their brand and driving revenue growth.

As new software services and features roll out, each Mini will have access to these features.

Software | PkteerOS Dashboard

Routie is focused on enhancing the PkteerOS dashboard to offer a more informative and presentable interface. The upgraded PkteerOS dashboard will offer a comprehensive summary screen, showing wallet balance and wifi sharing metrics. Additionally, new submenus show the functions of PkteerOS including, Wifi, Mining, Wallet and Settings. By segmenting these sections, users can easily understand the functionality of their device and settings.

Additional functionality has been added to add and control Edge Extenders, as well as view customer data, such as collected emails and other data points.

With these new and improved insights and features, Routie is excited to provide users with a comprehensive view of their network performance, income and access to their customer database.

Hardware | Edge Extender

Routie team has taken note of the significant interest in the Edge Extender at the SXSW event from both businesses and individuals looking to enhance their wifi range. The team tested the Edge Extender during the event and was impressed with its performance. In the large convention hall, the Edge Extender provided 95% of its full bandwidth speed, even in the farthest part of the convention center, over 10,000 sq.ft away from the source.

The Edge Extender antenna is an exciting addition to the Routie product line. It gives businesses the ability to easily scale their network and expand mesh wifi access across very large properties and building premises. Additionally, the weatherproof design of the Edge Extender enables businesses to install on a roof, patio or out a window. This versatility helps with wifi sharing for customers and even neighboring businesses.

Sales & Marketing

The Mini has gained a lot of attention from business customers, making a big impact at the recent SXSW event in Austin, Texas.. The Mini effectively addresses many of the challenges faced by cafés, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and other hospitality industry businesses that need an affordable, easy to use, hotel-style captive portal for their customers to get online. The Mini is a user-friendly solution for businesses and it’s a real world use case for the PKT Network.

Routie is working to increase its presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube to promote the Mini to businesses and business-minded people.

Customer Service

Routie is dedicated to providing excellent support to its customers. The company is committed to ensuring that each interaction with Routie’s products and services is smooth and hassle-free. To further enhance the customer service experience, Routie has recently introduced a new website chatbot to provide quick and efficient support. This is designed to deliver excellent customer experience.

Along with the chatbot service, Routie’s customer service team is always available to answer questions and assist with any support requests. The company recognizes that customers may require additional support in multiple time zones, so Routie has expanded its team to assist around the world.

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