Guest Wifi
ROI Calculator

This calculator helps businesses figure out the profit from offering Guest Wifi by tracking how much they earn from getting visitors' contact info when they sign in, all with the visitors' permission.

Guest Wifi ROI Calculator
How many customers/ guests visit your establishment?
What is the tariff per night for your establishment?
What is the tariff per night for your establishment?
What is the average amount spent by customer in your establishment?
What percentage of your guests are your repeat customers now?


Annual Revenue From Repeat Guest Without Guest Wifi

Let’s predicts the future increase in earnings for your business when using Routie Guest Wifi to capture the contact information from your customers.

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Here’s a look at how much you can earn by implementing Routie’s Guest Wifi to your business.

Annual revenue from repeat guests is determined by your monthly guest multiplied by their repeat visits over a year span.Annual Revenue From Repeat Guests With Guest Wifi


The business subscription is the cost of the Routie technology for your guest wifi annual plan.


Net profit is your annual revenue minus the cost of the Routie business subscription.Net Profit


The results generated by this Calculator are estimates derived from industry benchmarks in Routie's Guest Wifi database and should be considered as guides for informational purposes only, not as definitive predictions or advice.

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