In an era dominated by centralized internet providers and tech giants, the Mini and Edge Extender from Routie represent a transformative shift towards a more open, secure, and decentralized web. As integral components of the PKT Network, these devices empower individuals to play a crucial role in shaping the future of decentralized online connectivity.

The Mini: Your Gateway to Decentralized Web Freedom

The Mini by Routie is more than just a device; it’s your entry point to the PKT Network—a sovereign part of the internet driven by a global community rather than large corporations. This device allows you to become a node in the network, championing online freedom and unrestricted access to the internet.

Security and Privacy with Advanced VPN Technology

The Mini doubles as a robust hardware VPN, providing more than just basic security. It safeguards your online activities from external threats and bolsters the integrity of your personal network. With the Mini, users can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their digital footprint is protected, and their private information remains secure.

Earn with PKT

Supporting the PKT Network with the Mini is not only about contributing to the decentralized web but also about the opportunity for financial reward. The device enables users to earn PKT Cash—cryptocurrency rewards paid every 60 seconds. With yields ranging from 20-50 PKT per day depending on your bandwidth speed, and potentially increasing as more users join the network, the Mini offers a lucrative way to earn.

Power the Decentralized Web

When you connect the Mini to your home or office internet, you’re not just using the web—you’re helping to build an alternative to the traditional internet. This new model, the decentralized web or PKT Network, is a collective effort where each Mini adds to the network’s strength and security, advocating for an internet that is free and open to all.

Own a Piece of the Internet

The Mini offers you a chance to be a part of internet history. It’s like going back to 1990 and investing in the infrastructure that powers today’s internet giants. With the Mini, you’re not just investing in technology but in a platform that could define the next generation of the internet.

VPN Privacy and Security

Over half of the connected world uses VPNs for enhanced privacy and security, often incurring monthly fees. The Mini, however, provides these VPN services at no additional cost. Whether you’re at home or traveling, you can access your home network securely, ensuring that your personal internet traffic remains private and protected.

Introducing PKT Cash Cryptocurrency

PKT Cash is the currency of the decentralized web, earned through connecting bandwidth and processing power to the PKT blockchain, a process known as PKT mining. The Mini supports optional PKT mining, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency every 60 seconds when your device is active in the network.

PkteerOS Dashboard

The Mini is equipped with PkteerOS, which includes a variety of features such as a bandwidth scheduler. This allows you to manage how much bandwidth is used for activities like PKT mining—essential for maintaining network performance without disrupting daily internet use. The dashboard also lets you monitor your PKT earnings and adjust your VPN settings.

Wifi Sharing and the Edge Extender

The Mini can serve as a guest wifi or a wifi access point for your home or business, simplifying internet access without the need to share a password. The included Edge Extender significantly enhances this functionality by extending wifi coverage up to 10,000 sqft, with the option to add more extenders as needed.


The Mini and Edge Extender from Routie are not just about enhancing internet connectivity; they’re about reshaping how we interact with the digital world. By investing in these devices, you’re not only securing your own digital presence but also contributing to a broader movement towards a decentralized, user-driven internet—a true revolution in how we connect and interact online.

With these tools, Routie is leading the charge towards a future where the internet remains as it was originally intended: open, free, and accessible to all, with the added benefits of modern security and user compensation.