About Routie

Routie is here to make guest wifi affordable and accessible to all. We believe that internet access should be easy to use, safe and secure. Our mission is to connect the world.


It’s time to grow your business

When building a business, it’s important to have repeat customers. The problem is, it’s difficult to get your customers back if you don’t know who they are. Routie delivers a safe, secure and most importantly, affordable solution through guest wifi.

When customers use your wifi, you will effortlessly build your customer database. This way you can attract and communicate directly with your customers through email and SMS. Invite guests back with promotions or events. Build your loyalty program or even build your social media following.

Our competitors have made guest wifi either expensive to install and maintain. Routie guest wifi comes with free hardware and the lowest prices in the market. Our world-class support team is here to help build loyalty with your customers and increase your revenue with guest wifi.

Why guest wifi is important

Routie guest wifi enables you to customize your wifi login splash page. This makes your guest wifi an extension of your brand, including your brand logo, links to your social media accounts, menu, or promotions. As more customers use your guest wifi, you build your customer database, including footfall data that helps you better know your customers.

While most people in modern cities have a cell phone, internet connectivity is still often unreliable. For customers traveling abroad, cell phone data is very expensive and data speeds are usually reduced. By offering guest wifi, customers will appreciate the amenities offered by your business. This builds customer loyalty, which can translate directly to repeat visits and increased revenue.

Connecting the Unconnected

Routie believes in a future where basic access to the internet is free and secure. This is accomplished using guest wifi, open mesh networking and VPN. By extending guest wifi around the world, this helps connect the unconnected in both urban and rural communities.

Routie is also aligned with public service grant programs (or their successors) including:

  • Connecting Europe Broadband Fund
  • American Rescue Plan Act
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • FCC Connect America Fund
  • FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund
  • California Advanced Services Fund

Routie solutions are built using proprietary technologies such as PkteerOS, as well as open source protocols OpenWRT, PKT and cjdns. These open mesh infrastructure technologies help expand global high speed internet access.

It's Time To Grow You Business

Routie guest wifi is the easiest way to build your customer database and grow your business