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Routie’s focus is developing software and hardware solutions to scale internet access worldwide. The mission is to help people monetize the internet they already pay for and connect the world.

Software | Wifi Sharing

Wifi sharing is almost here. The utility we’ve all been waiting for will be launching in Q1 2023. Wifi sharing will be available on Routie hardware called the Mini, which began pre-sales on January 31, 2023.

Wifi sharing is the first utility for the PKT Network and makes it possible for businesses and business-minded people to safely share and monetize internet access. It requires the Mini and Edge Extender antenna hardware. The hardware requirement is to simplify setup and maximize the functionality of the network.

Wifi sharing uses a unique Open Mesh wifi system, designed to provide free basic internet access. Providers can also choose to offer Streaming-Fast wifi sharing for free or customize the daily access price. Free basic internet is enough to browse the internet or check email.

Wifi sharing providers can also customize the wifi name. This is relevant for businesses that choose a wifi name associated with their business name. The default network name is “PKT Free Internet”.

To get online using wifi sharing, a user will select “PKT Free Internet” or the open network name chosen by the provider, which opens a hotel-style captive portal. The user simply enters their email and completes a captcha to get online for free. If Streaming-Fast internet is selected, the user can pay with a credit card.

Routie will be releasing two different business economic models for wifi sharing, depending on the price paid for the Mini. When purchasing the Mini for $499, the wifi sharing provider will receive 80% of the wifi sharing revenue, with the remaining 20% shared between the VPN provider and payment platform. When the Mini is purchased for $299, 50% of the revenue earned goes to the wifi sharing provider, and 50% is shared between the payment platform and VPN provider.

To ensure privacy and security for both the provider and the user, wifi sharing uses a built-in VPN. The VPN protects the provider’s IP address, as well as secures the user’s data privacy. Using wifi sharing is more secure than the internet provided by a traditional internet service provider.

Wifi sharing is built-in on each Cube sold after November 2022. Cubes sold before November 2022 will require an Edge Extender to participate in wifi sharing (read more on this below).

Software | VLS

Wifi sharing uses a new feature built-in to PkteerOS called VLS (Verified Link Speed). VLS is a credit score for your internet connection. The score is determined by performing periodic speed tests to maximize internet quality. This helps wifi sharing providers understand how much money they can make from their current internet connection.

By default, every 20 Mb/s of VLS, wifi sharing providers will be able to offer 1 bandwidth lease. The more bandwidth leases a provider can offer, the more potential income they can earn. As more people use a wifi sharing provider’s internet connection, the more revenue earned.

Sharing internet in high traffic businesses and density areas will generate higher income. The most lucrative wifi sharing will be from providers that have fast connections, such as fiber internet.

Hardware | Mini

The Mini ushers in the first utility for the PKT Network through wifi sharing. This marks a new era for both the PKT project and Routie. Pre-sales for the Mini began on January 31, 2023.

The Mini is a small size mini computer that comes equipped with PkteerOS and an Open Mesh wifi system that pays people to share internet access. The wifi sharing range from the Mini is approximately 1,000 to 1,5000 sq.ft. Additionally, each Mini comes with an Edge Extender antenna that extends range by 10,000 sq.ft. Each Mini can support 5 Edge Extenders to extend range up to 50,000 sq.ft.

The Mini features all of the functionality of PkteerOS, including PKT mining, bandwidth scheduling with built-in VPN and mobile PKT wallet.

The Mini also generates PKT mining yields when it’s not wifi sharing. Encryption output is approximately 175 ke/s. It will be possible to increase PKT mining yields by subscribing to supercharge, which will launch in Q2 2023.

The Mini will retail for $499. To purchase a Mini during the presale requires only a $99 deposit. The balance of $400 plus shipping and tax will be due before the Mini ships in April 2023. For a limited time only, each Mini will include 10,000 PKT preloaded. The Routie team will debut a public demo of wifi sharing in March 2023 at SXSW in Austin Tx.

Hardware | Introducing the Edge Extender

The Edge Extender is an antenna that pairs with Routie’s Cube and Mini products to extend the range of wifi sharing. Each Edge Extender extends wifi sharing range by up to 10,000 sq.ft.

Example use cases are to place an Edge Extender in multiple rooms inside a business, such as the main dining area, back patio and front entry. If the Mini is being set up in an urban area, an Edge Extender can be placed out a window or on a light post.

Each Edge Extenders must be hardwired to a Mini or Cube. This will ensure the Edge Extender has the maximum internet connection before it begins wireless connectivity. Edge Extenders require power over ethernet (POE). Each Mini or Cube can power 5 Edge Extenders to extend wifi sharing capabilities up to 50,000 sq.ft.

One Edge Extender is included for free with the purchase of a Mini or Cube. The retail price for 1 additional Edge Extender is $150, $225 for 2 additional Edge Extenders, $360 for 3 additional Edge Extenders, and $450 for 4 additional Edge Extenders.

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