Wifi For Film Production

On set wifi access for crew and cast is often expensive and extremely challenging to set up. Routie delivers a turn-key solution that solves this problem with ease, privacy and security.

Expand On Set Coverage

Wifi connectivity is usually only available in close proximity to a single access point. With Routie, you can use our antennas to easily build a mesh network so the wifi is accessible to everyone throughout base camp.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

We know privacy and security is critical for your production. With Routie, you can control access and permissions. The dashboard also offers built-in VPN for enhanced security. VPN’s end-to-end encryption can slow down wifi speeds while in use.

Branded Wifi Access

With Routie, you can customize your guest wifi login with a branded splash page tailored for your film production. For security purposes, when guests login you can require information, such as name, email, and phone. 
Branded Wifi Access

Multiple Dedicated Networks

Routie delivers the guest wifi as well as two segregated, password protected networks. These segregated networks allow you to  prioritize bandwidth. This creates dedicated bandwidth for each subnetwork to ensure your wifi demand does not impact critical operation needs.The password networks are also great for internet connected devices like printers, TV’s and camera systems.

Connect to Starlink on Location

Routie is compatible with Starlink! If your production or production office has a Starlink antenna, simply connect the router to Routie and extend the wifi coverage to your team. This way your entire production has wifi access instead of only people in a limited proximity range.

Extend Coverage Beyond 10,000 sqft

Routie Edge Extender antennas can be daisy-chained together to deliver wide area wifi access. Each antenna is weatherproof and has a reach up to 10,000 sqft. Connect as many antennas as you need to deliver wifi access for every department.

Build Your Cast & Crew Database

When people use your guest wifi, they will be prompted to enter the date you choose, such as name, email address or phone number. This essential user information is securely logged into your Routie database. You can use this information for enhanced coordination and communication purposes.

Cost Effective & Reusable

You only need one Routie Mini device to connect to your internet source. Then connect as many Edge Extender antennas to your Mini as you need to blanket coverage on location or at your production office. When you wrap, you can turn off your Routie subscription and return the equipment, or do a low-cost buyout and use Routie on another production in the future.

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