Guest Wifi for
Coffee Shops

An affordable way to offer guest wifi, build your customer database, and boost business revenue

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Challenges faced by
Coffee Shops

Limited Customer Engagement

Whether it's a coffee shop, the chance to digitally engage with customers for repeat business using promotions and special offers may be slipping away.

Data Collection and Analytics

Businesses often fail to collect critical customer information such as emails, phone numbers for SMS, and behavior patterns. Lacking the proper tools, they miss opportunities for personalized marketing and gaining insights into customer preferences.


Distributing the restaurant/cafe wifi password to guests poses risks, potentially leading to unwanted activities for which the establishment could be held responsible.

With Routie’s Guest Wifi, you can make a difference


Key Features for
Coffee Shops

Guest wifi solution that boosts your business revenue

Offer Guest Wifi with
Authentication &

Get a branded splash page authentication for seamless user access

Build your Captive Portal in minutes!

Build Customer

Build your customer database without sharing a wifi password


Win back your customers by providing tailored deals and promotions to encourage repeat visits

Safety and

Routie offers enterprise-grade wifi-6, mesh network for your business safety

Reports and

Get real-time customer insights for analysis and targeted re-engagement

Routie's captive portal empowers hospitality businesses.

We're so confident you'll love our product that we offer a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee.

Businesses rely on guest wifi to drive revenue

return on investment reported ($2.70 earned for every $1 spent) on personalized marketing
270 %
of visitors are willing to share data in exchange for rewards and promos
74 %
of visitors spend more when connected to guest wifi
50 %