I’m delighted to share some exciting news with you all. Today, PKT Pal has officially rebranded as Routie. This transformation represents more than just a change in name, it symbolizes a new chapter in our company.

When we founded PKT Pal in 2020 our focus was the Cube, which was designed to primarily help individuals monetize their internet bandwidth. Users would connect their Cube to the internet and start generating income every 60 seconds. Today, our core mission has evolved to empower people and businesses around the world to share guest wifi access with a focus on internet routing; thus the name change to Routie! The good news is that our whole product line now supports this vision, no matter when you purchased your product.

Here are a few details on our business evolution.

Guest Wifi
We’ve introduced guest wifi for businesses. This effort has been focused on providing a seamless and secure connectivity solution for when people need internet access. Businesses no longer need to share a password with their customers. Now it’s simple to offer a branded experience where customers enter their email address or SMS to get online. Additionally, you can customize your wifi splash page to align with your brand’s identity with our easy-to-use captive portal builder. We’ve also integrated a simple payment gateway, so you can offer paid high-speed access to generate revenue, if you choose.

Customer Marketing
Most importantly, our guest wifi solution empowers businesses to build a customer database. With our system, you can efficiently segment your customers and seamlessly connect your customer database with whatever third-party email marketing or SMS software you’re already using. This helps you create personalized and highly targeted direct marketing campaigns. You can also retarget your guests with personalized offers to generate repeat business and even encourage reviews from customers. Now you can supercharge your marketing strategies towards your most engaged customers.

Safety & Security
Our Wifi-6 mesh network technology ensures your business’ safety. You also now have control over who has access to your internet. Additionally, our solution offers VPN protection, so your business systems are always protected and your guests’ internet browsing is private and secure.

Customer Analytics
Our software enables you to analyze your customer behaviors like never before. This includes identifying your most engaged customers, viewing your high traffic times of day, and learning which days of the week are most active. Viewing these patterns helps your business effectively build brand loyalty.

I’m thrilled to announce that from this point forward PKT Pal will become Routie. This new name perfectly encapsulates our focus on helping businesses of all sizes offer guest wifi. Plus, Routie is our friendly customer service robot, so thousands of people already interact with Routie everyday.

Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to enhancing our brand, products, and services to continue delivering the outstanding quality you’ve come to expect from us. You can embark on this journey with us by checking out our new website at www.routie.io.

We’re grateful for your continued support and we’re excited to continue helping your business grow so you can keep your customers happy.

Jesse Berger
CEO & Co-Founder