Welcome to the first edition of Routie Development Update – a newsletter dedicated to delivering you the latest Routie information every week. Whenever Routie has any new hardware or software developments you’re guaranteed to learn about them here.

Our focus is developing software and hardware solutions to scale internet access worldwide. Our mission is to assist people to monetize the internet they already pay for and help connect the unconnected.


Routie is building numerous software projects, but our current focus is developing wifi sharing, which is the first real-world utility for the PKT Network. This highly anticipated feature will roll out first on the Mini, alongside with a software update for PkteerOS. We are also working on a usb stick that will make it so Cube’s can do wifi sharing as well. The Routie team is designing the user experience to be as smooth as possible, so you can feel confident about setting up your Routie device with peace of mind.


The Mini’s hardware is undergoing some minor updates including antenna selection and case design to ensure optimal thermals. We want these Mini’s to be easy to place anywhere in your home or office.


The team is also working on the packaging to ensure it has the high quality Pkteers expect from Routie. The Routie team is also optimizing our fulfillment so all products ship as fast as possible after ordering and can be efficiently delivered around the world. This will help us build out the PKT Network far and wide so people can begin to monetize their internet as quickly as possible.

Sales & Marketing

Routie is gearing up for a new awareness campaign for both PKT and Routie products. For example, Routie is developing a new official Routie YouTube channel. This will be a place where updates and educational content will be posted on a regular basis. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on a sneak peek of the Mini before it is released!

Stay in the Know

The Routie team is focused on building technology for the PKT blockchain project, but we’re also excited to continue building our community with Pkteers like you. If you’d like more frequent updates, you can follow us on Twitter. If you want to join the conversation with your fellow Pkteers, you can join our new Discord server as well!

Thank you for reading the first edition of Routie Weekly, and we hope you have a great rest of your week!