Offering guest wifi to customers can increase the amount of time they spend in a business. Whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant, or retail store, customers are more likely to spend more time and spend money if they have access to free wifi. This is especially true for businesses that cater to younger, tech-savvy customers who are looking for a way to stay connected.

By keeping customers on-premises for longer periods of time, businesses increase the likelihood that customers will make additional purchases. For example, a customer who stops in for a cup of coffee might decide to stay for an hour or two and order some food or another beverage. Or, a customer who stops in to browse a store might end up buying more items than they originally planned if they have the ability to get online.

Another way that guest wifi networks can increase revenue is by gathering valuable, personalized customer data. When customers log onto a captive portal, they often provide some basic information such as their name, email address, birthdate and even phone number. Businesses can then use this information to send targeted marketing messages, promotions or rewards to customers based on their interests and purchasing history. These types of communications convert into a high likelihood of return visits and brand loyalty.

Offering guest wifi to customers can also help businesses to attract new customers. In today’s connected world, people are always looking for a way to stay connected, and businesses that offer free wifi are more likely to attract new, potential customers. By attracting new customers, businesses can increase their revenue and build a loyal, engaged customer base.

One option for businesses looking to easily implement a guest wifi network and captive portal is the Mini by Routie. This affordable, turnkey solution is designed for businesses of all sizes to easily get visitors online. The Mini is a compact device that can be installed in any business location without requiring technical knowledge or a 3rd party IT specialist. It provides customers with access to free wifi through a customized captive portal, and collects valuable customer data in exchange for online access. This data can be used to send targeted marketing messages and promotions to customers, helping businesses to increase their revenue and build customer loyalty.

In conclusion, offering guest wifi through a captive portal is a simple and effective way for businesses to increase their revenue. By attracting new customers, and keeping customers on-premises for longer periods of time while gathering valuable data about customers, businesses can see a significant return on investment. It is reported that return on investment can be as $20 for every $1 spent on personalized marketing. It’s likely that more and more businesses will adopt guest wifi as an important strategy to optimize marketing and to stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace.