Businesses of all sizes are seeking innovative ways to engage with customers and build brand loyalty. Recognizing this, Routie has developed a Guest Wifi solution that’s more than just an internet service – it’s a tool for increasing business revenue and boosting your brand loyalty.

Why Choose Routie’s Guest Wifi?

Routie’s Guest Wifi stands out as an affordable solution to simplify customer online access. When guests go online, they exchange their customer contact information for internet access. This simple process enhances direct marketing opportunities, enabling businesses to foster repeat visits and grow revenue.

Tailored to Each Business’ Needs

Routie offers various subscription levels that match different business’ needs. Simply identify the plan that aligns best with each business’s unique requirements.

Hassle-Free Setup

Routie’s service includes the essential hardware at no additional cost. This includes the Mini device and one Edge Extender access point. The Edge Extender is designed to extend wifi range up to 10,000 sqft, reaching areas like patios or neighboring public areas. Additional Edge Extenders can be added to extend range even further. Installation is designed to be plug-and-play, minimizing the need for IT expertise.

User-Friendly Interface

Once installed, each business will engage with a user-friendly dashboard. This platform provides insights into the network’s performance, including contact collection and visitor analytics, along with customizable network settings.

The Captive Portal Builder

One of Routie’s standout features is its Captive Portal builder. This tool allows businesses to create a personalized wifi login splash page, enhancing brand visibility. It can be customized to collect specific customer information like name, email, phone number, and more. Additionally, each business can customize the confirmation screen with embedded links that are important, such as a review site, social media, or menu.

Enhanced Customizations for Hospitality

For businesses that choose to charge for internet access, Routie’s Captive Portal setup includes options like setting internet access duration and charging for high-speed access. This is ideal for hotels, motels and similar establishments that want their customers to pay for access.

Prioritizing Security and Privacy

Understanding the importance of security, Routie’s Guest Wifi offers security features that safeguard each business’s digital footprint. Optionally, businesses can choose to route customer traffic through a VPN, to ensure a secure online environment for both guests and staff. Using a VPN can slow down the user’s internet speed, but is valuable for added protection in high traffic areas.

Marketing Made Simple

Routie’s Guest Wifi integrates with popular marketing platforms such Mail Chimp and Klaviyo and Zapier. This provides a seamless connection to link the Routie customer database with a marketing platform of choice, to drive efficient, targeted marketing campaigns directly to the customer base.

Beyond Business Hours: Building a Global Network

Unique to Routie is the ability of each Mini to earn rewards for maintaining internet connectivity and contributing to the PKT Network. This initiative aids in providing global internet access and pays digital currency rewards every minute.

Join Us in Connecting the World

At Routie, we’re committed to helping businesses scale and thrive. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to assist with the specifics of how our product can cater to each business’ unique needs.

Routie Guest Wifi isn’t just about providing internet access; it’s about building a connected community, enhancing customer relationships, and driving business growth. We’re excited to help businesses connect with their customers in meaningful ways.

Feel free to reach out to our team and schedule a demo and see how Routie can revolutionize your customer engagement and business growth.

Together, let’s connect the world.