Powering the Decentralized Web

Mine PKT with the Mini

Help build infrastructure for the PKT Network and earn
PKT Cash every minute from your unused internet bandwidth

ClickOnly $279 (One-time)

ClickOnly $279 (One-time)

Why Mine PKT?

Monetize your unused internet bandwidth

Ever wanted to own a piece of the internet? Now you can! The Mini is a low-powered mining device (only 80 watts) that builds infrastructure for the PKT Network by bandwidth mining. This type of mining pays you every minute for maintaining an internet connection. By participating you’re helping connect the world.*

*Yields are based on your internet connection speed.

What is PKT?

PKT is a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) ecosystem supporting open internet access and powering the decentralized web.

Open Internet Access

Each Mini can optionally become a wifi access point for Internet Sharing. This extends open internet access to your local area. Access can be free, or you can charge guests for fast speeds.

Decentralized Web

Mining builds the PKT Network. This is a place where anyone can build censorship-resistant websites that are accessible from traditional web browsers while promoting internet privacy.


The PKT Network is full decentralized. It’s powered by people like you who are rewarded to mine PKT with their bandwidth and help get the next billion people get online.

How to Earn by PKT Mining?

The PKT blockchain automatically pays you every minute when you keep your Mini connected to the internet. The better quality your internet connection, the higher your yields. It’s that simple.

Estimated Earnings

Yields vary based on your available bandwidth speed, the number of people mining and the price of PKT. As awareness for PKT increase, the value of your holdings may increase as well.

Mining Costs

The Mini is a low-powered device, consuming only ~15 watts/hour, ~0.36 Kwh/day, and 18.3 Kwh/month. You can adjust bandwidth consumption to be mindful of your bandwidth costs.

Dedicated support

Routie's dedicated support team will assist you with initial setup and any questions you have about optionally Internet Sharing into your local community.

Frequently asked questions

The Mini costs $279 plus tax (if applicable) and $20 for shipping costs. Each Mini comes with a free Edge Extender access point so you can optionally share wifi access (a $99 value). An additional Edge Extenders costs $99 and drops in price when purchasing additional quantities.
Operation costs depend on energy and bandwidth expenses in your region. The Mini’s power consumption is ~18.3 Kwh/month. At $0.20 per Kwh would be less than $4 per month. Bandwidth costs vary based on your internet provider. If you are bandwidth constrained or have data caps, you can program your Mini for reduced bandwidth consumption.
Yields from each Mini vary depending on your bandwidth speed. Mini’s typically earn between 20-50 PKT per day. Profits will depend on several factors, including your bandwidth speed, blockchain mining difficulty, and the price of PKT. The PKT price is based on market demand. Blockchain mining difficulty is based on how many miners are on the network, divided by the Current Block Rewards. This information can be found at packetscan.io. Every 100 days the Current Block Rewards automatically reduces by 10%. This is designed to increase demand over time. It is believed that the best time to accumulate PKT is while yields are higher and price and demand are lower.
When the Mini is mining no one is using your internet. If you choose to optionally activate Internet Sharing, people will be able to get online through your open mesh wifi, however, all access is through a VPN, so there is no privacy or security risk. You can also choose to charge for wifi access and earn additional revenue. You have full control over your network when Internet Sharing.
When someone connects to your wifi access point, they are prompted to login via a captive portal. You can choose to collect login information, such as name, email, or phone number, or offer open internet access. When the user gets online, they connect through a built-in VPN. This means the user’s traffic is not registered through your internet service, which ensures your privacy and security.
Internet Sharing is safe because all traffic is encrypted using VPN technology. This ensures that both your internet service connection and the guest’s connections are safe and secure.