PKT Pal Bounty Program

At PKT Pal we strive to create a safe environment for people to earn money from their unused internet. This company is fueled by the PKT community and we look towards our Pkteers to help gain network adoption. To ensure we have the best security possible for our users we have created the following bounty program to help protect our customers.

We appreciate your help in ensuring security for new Pkteers!



  • Leak: Personal information of PKT Pal customers


  • Leak: Server back end source code
  • Attacks based on an outside website which, without any user interaction with the PKT Pal website:


Pair a new device to the user's PKT Cube


Spend PKT from user's PKT Cube


XSS attacks are included


  • Leak: PKT addresses of all or almost all PKT Pal customers


  • Attacks based on outside website which, without any further user interaction beyond the click:


Exfiltrate user's personal information


  • Non-weaponized issues which “may be vulnerable” (e.g. SSL configuration warnings)

We will never ever ever pay someone who DDoS's any of our servers.