Captive portal for businesses

The Mini provides an affordable way to capture guest data and earn revenue by wifi sharing.

Why buy from PKT Pal?

PKT Pal’s products make it easy for businesses and opportunistic individuals to generate income by sharing high quality internet access.

Our Open Mesh wifi systems lets you share wifi without requiring a password, collect customer data, charge users when they need faster speeds, brand your captive portal and so much more! All traffic goes through a built-in VPN so privacy is secured for both the provider and the users. Together we can connect the world.

Introducing the Mini and the Cube


High speed wifi sharing

Cube 1E

High-yield mining, and wifi sharing

How it Works

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Easy & SafePeace of mind data protection
Most networks are closed and password protected. Wifi sharing safely offers Open Mesh internet connectivity. This is similar to getting online using a captive portal at an airport or hotel. All data and IP addresses are safe and secure using VPN and end-to-end encryption.
Share & EarnChanging how we wifi
PKT Pal products make it possible to earn passive income from the internet bandwidth you already pay for. The faster your internet upload speed the more you earn. When you upgrade to a fiber internet connection, you can increase your speeds, maximize your income and lower your internet costs.
Customers FirstFree customer service anytime
We know the internet can be complicated. At PKT Pal, we provide personalized customer support so your experience is easy going. We value each of our customers so together we can get the next 1 billion people online.

Extending your network

Extend your wifi sharing reach by adding Edge Extenders antennas. The wider your coverage area the more income you can earn. You can connect 5 Edge Extenders per Cube or Mini. Each Edge Extender is weatherproof and expands coverage by up to 1,000 feet.

What our customers are saying

The cube was easy to set up an software set up was intuitive. I’m not a tech guy by any means and so even though it was easy I needed some help. Called tech support and they walked me through everything no prob. Been mining for awhile now no probs. Can’t wait to see what the new network looks like.

TSTom S. March 2022, US

Pkt Pal is investing in its customers and is not just a typical start up looking to cash in. Their product and customer service ensures that their growth is parallel with the customer’s growth! PKT has a utility and is going to explode on the crypto adoption !

BYBryan Y. April 2022, US

This product has made it possible to turn my internet bandwidth into a revenue stream. I never thought that could be possible. I am excited to see how this project evolves in the future.

DPDorde P. July 2022, FR

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