Welcome To Your Edge Extender Start Guide

Maintain your wifi connection and receive daily PKT Cash payments as a reward.

Let’s get you setup.

Parts And Hardware

Edge Extender
Ethernet Cable
PoE Injector
PoE power cord


Find Your Internet Connection

Plug one of the supplied ethernet cables into your PKT Mini, OR into the same network switch that your PKT Mini or PKT Cube is plugged in to.
*Mini ethernet Port
*Connect ethernet cable to PoE Injector
Plug the other end of this ethernet cable into the supplied PoE injector (small black brick), make sure you plug it in to the side marked LAN.


Connect Your Edge Extender To Your Mini/Cube

Take the second supplied ethernet cable and plug it into the Edge Extender, looking from the back of the EE, you must plug it in to the port to your right (see Diagram A.1).
*Diagram A.1
*Diagram A.2
Plug the other side of this ethernet cable into the PoE injector on the side marked POE
(see Diagram A.2).
Take the supplied electric cord and plug it in to the PoE injector, and then plug the other end into a wall power source (see Diagram A.3).
*Diagram A.3
*Diagram A.4
*Diagram A.4
Wait 10 minutes for your Edge Extender to initialize for the first time
Congratulations, your Edge Extender should be emitting PKT Free Internet
*Diagram A.5
*Diagram A.5

Your Edge Extender Setup Is Complete!


Changing any components in this hardware will void its warranty and may damage this device. This device meets the requirements for the EU conformity in accordance with the currently valid EU directives.

More information on this product can be found at routie.io.

If you have any questions or need support, please email us at support@routie.io.