Our Mission

Connecting the World

Routie is developing software and hardware solutions to expand internet access worldwide. Our mission is to help connect the unconnected and assist people to share the internet they already pay by offering guest wifi.

Getting Online With Guest Wifi

We at Routie saw businesses struggling with the challenges of sharing guest wifi. Problems include privacy concerns, complicated setup, building a customer database, and prioritizing internet access for the business, to name a few. We focus on making products that help businesses share their guest wifi in an easy and secure way. We accomplish this by offering superior solutions than what is available on the market at an affordable price. Our world-class support team is helping businesses around the world build loyalty with their customers and increased revenue with guest wifi.

Connecting the Unconnected

Routie believes in a future where basic access to the internet is free and secure. This is accomplished using guest wifi and open mesh networking that is secured by VPN technology. The vision is build solutions that benefit connected and underserved communities. Routie is also connected to public service grant programs (or their successors) such as:

PKT Pal Mission - Connecting the Unconnected
PKT Pal Mission - Connecting the Unconnected
PKT Pal Mission - The Future of Internet Sharing

The Future of
Internet Sharing

Routie solutioins are built using proprietary technologies as well and open source protocols including OpenWRT, and mesh infrastructure technologies PKT and cjdns. These technologies help scale global high speed internet. This helps expand connectivity in both developed and underserved communities around the world.